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Hearing the word jacket, you might perceive a rough and sturdy leather jacket worn with a pair of jeans and boots. But as fashion trends have evolved, things are not the same anymore. You now get to see a diverse variety of styles and designs of jackets to go with every occasion. And hence, this gives you an impactful personality and an appropriate outfit for every event.

If you are looking for a jacket that perfectly matches your attire, then we have got you covered! Here are 5 men’s jacket styles every man should own to showcase their fashion sense.

  • Bomber Jackets

One of the trendiest and the most stylish jackets for men, bomber jackets are on top of our list of men’s jackets. These jackets come with elastic-gripped waist and cuffs, and a zipper at the front to give a perfect casual look. Originally, bomber jackets were made from leather, but now they are available in a range of other materials. This is the reason why these jackets provide unbeatable comfort and warmth and have rising demand, globally.

Bomber jackets are known to be worn by the US Air Force and therefore, are also known as flight jackets.

  • Biker Jackets

Are you ready to have a tough look? If yes, then you just have to wear a biker jacket with ripped jeans and Combat or Chelsea boots. Well, you do not necessarily need to own a bike to have a biker jacket. It’s just your rugged attitude that the jacket matches with!

Biker jackets are generally made from leather and are of short length. The zippered front, coupled with a few silver buttons is what makes them stand out among other jackets. Also, their tight-fitting gives you a muscular look, keeping you warm at the same time.

  • Denim Jackets

Never getting outdated, denim jackets have always been one of the men’s favorite jackets for all seasons. Denim jackets often come with buttoned front and sleeves and have a faded denim texture. The most common colors that denim jackets appear in are Blue and Black with silver and copper-colored buttons.

Denim jackets are extremely durable and versatile and can withstand rough conditions. Due to which, they are adored by men of all ages. These jackets best match with a round-necked T-shirt and jeans, but can also be worn over a button-up shirt.

  • Track Jackets

Track jackets are commonly worn by fitness trainers and athletes but are not confined to that particular segment or profession only. Therefore, they have a widespread demand among youth around the world. Track jackets are close-fitted jackets with a bottleneck collar, zippered front, and ribbed sleeves and waist. In addition to trousers and sweatpants, track jackets are perfectly styled with a pair of jeans as well. They have a cozy feel, are highly stretchable and hence, provide matchless comfort for daily wear. This is the reason why track jackets are must-to-have outerwear in your closet.

  • Overcoat

Now, heading towards the formal side, an overcoat is worn over your complete attire to add some extra warmth and style. They have a bigger collar, a few buttons and a pair of pockets at the front. Unlike the typical coats and blazers, overcoats are lengthier and are made from warmer materials for added comfort and feel. Additionally, they perfectly blend with both, formal and casual attires. This is why overcoats are not only preferred by aged men but are also largely worn by the young generation.

Your attire is something that speaks for your personality; that is why you must choose your outfit wisely. A biker jacket on formal suiting would undoubtedly ruin your impression. Therefore, you need to have a keen look at the above-mentioned 5 men’s jacket styles. They will not only guide you in selecting the most-suited jacket but will also ignite the sense of confidence in your personality.